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Bank of Ireland presentation by Jude Mc Gloin

On Wednesday 28th of January 2015, two representatives from Bank Of Ireland came to see us boys and girls from the St Bernard’s Primary 7 classes.
They talked to us about how we could open a bank account at the age of 10 and that they could do it there and then. They had a powerpoint presentation which made it easier for us to understand. We learnt how we would be able to take money out of an ATM Machine whenever we wanted. We were told about how the money goes through the process of getting put into our accounts. We learnt about how we would each have our own PIN number and that we should never tell anyone, particularly someone who we think might hack into it. We learnt how the ATM machines work. Thankfully we were told that BOI rarely gets robbed and that money is in very safe hands because of the fact that you need your own card to actually get into the main business area. At the end we got to do a word scramble, which was a lot of fun.  We were very pleased when we all got our own goody bags with some BOI goodies and a FREDDO.
We all really enjoyed our morning with the two representatives from BOI.
By Jude Mc Gloin