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World Book Day 2012

Congratulations to everyone in P6M. The whole class came to school dressed as their favourite book character. We are a super class with lots of positive spirit about us. It was a really fun day!!!
Picture 1 The Tintin Twins
Picture 2 Elizabeth Swann and Mulan
Picture 3 Sherlock Holmes and Fagin
Picture 4 Mr and Mrs Cave from Krindlekrax
Picture 5 The Potters and Ron
Picture 6 BFG and Julius Caesar
Picture 7 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Picture 8 Margaret Anne, Bellatrix and Clarissa
Picture 9 Darth Vader, Uncle Vernon and Ringwraith
Picture 10 Leprechaun Jim and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Picture 11 Wally, Red Riding Hood and Valentine O Byrne
Picture 12 Klaus and Dappy from Ndubz
Picture 13 Snow White
Picture 14 Olivia and Klaus
Picture 15 P6M in our finest costumes