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World Book Day

On Thursday 1st March, we dressed up as a character from a book for World Book Day.
It was great fun talking and listening to each other about our characters and discussing the book which our character was in.
Picture 1 A Knight from King Throstlebeard
Picture 2 Prince Caspian from Narnia
Picture 3 Peter Parker
Picture 4 Spider Man
Picture 5 Henry from Horrid Henry
Picture 6 Harry Potter
Picture 7 Harry Potter
Picture 8 Little Red Riding Hood
Picture 9 Bear Grylls from his autobiography
Picture 10 Gretel from Hansel and Gretel
Picture 11 Harry Potter
Picture 12 Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Picture 13 A Brat from Bratz
Picture 14 Darth Vader from Star Wars
Picture 15 Hermione from Harry Potter
Picture 16 Harry from Harry and the Dinosaurs
Picture 17 Sophie from Sophie's Adventures
Picture 18 Tinkerbell from Peter Pan
Picture 19 Mimi from Mimi and the Picnic
Picture 20 Beauty from Beauty and the Beast
Picture 21 Moody Margaret from Horrid Henry
Picture 22 The Little Match Girl...Prize Winner!
Picture 23 Mildred from The Worst Witch
Picture 24 Aurora (Beauty) from Sleeping Beauty