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Woodland adventures

Picture 1 Listening carefully to our guide John
Picture 2 What will we find in the woodland?
Picture 3 Listening very carefully to instructions!
Picture 4 We wonder what is hiding under here?
Picture 5 No,no minibeasts hiding in here!
Picture 6 Maybe some very small minibeasts under here?
Picture 7 Great team work!
Picture 8 Yes,we found some!
Picture 9 We were so excited to find millipedes and woodlice
Picture 10 John helped us to identify all the minibeasts
Picture 11
Picture 12 The minibeasts looked so big in the magnifying jar
Picture 13
Picture 14 Off on our next adventure to make smelly pots

Making “Smelly Pots”

Making “Smelly Pots” 1 We collected plants to make smelly pots
Making “Smelly Pots” 2 We stirred them up with water
Making “Smelly Pots” 3 John chose the nicest and smelliest smelling pots
Making “Smelly Pots” 4
Making “Smelly Pots” 5