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Welcome to Mr Carberry

Mr Carberry is a 2nd year student at St. Mary's College and began his teaching practice with us on the 20th February. We all gathered in the Assembly Hall to each share an interesting fact about the Titanic. This exercise is called Revolving Circles.
Picture 1 Ready, steady- go!
Picture 2 All ears!!
Picture 3 I'm listening- honestly!
Picture 4 Our very own Leonardo Di Caprio's
Picture 5 A happy fact, obviously!
Picture 6 Here's what I found out.
Picture 7 Laugh while you learn.
Picture 8 "We are Sailing!!"
Picture 9 Dead interesting fact
Picture 10 Wave making as we set sail.
Picture 11 Seriously Liam - it Sank!!
Picture 12 Tell us what you know
Picture 13 Would you believe my fact?