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As part of out Topic on Toys, the children made their own toys using junk materials. As you can see, they put lots of effort into making and joining their toys. Some of the toys even move!!!
We will display all our toys outside Mr Mc Taggart's Office, for all to see!
Picture 1 Lucy with her Frozen toy.
Picture 2 Charlie & his toy robot.
Picture 3 Noah with his toy alien.
Picture 4 George & his toy dragon.
Picture 5 Aaron's Rocket
Picture 6 Eva's Car
Picture 7 Fionn's Racing Car
Picture 8 Rory's Spaceship
Picture 9 Lorcan's Robot
Picture 10 Alfie's Robot
Picture 11 Mia's Rocket
Picture 12 Ryan's Rocket
Picture 13 Daire's Elmer the Elephant
Picture 14 Solomon's Car
Picture 15 Jude's Shark
Picture 16 Lisa's Computer
Picture 17
Picture 18 Martha's Owls
Picture 19 Cormac's Star Wars Character
Picture 20 Erin's Penguin
Picture 21 Conor's Boat
Picture 22 Rosa's Mary & Lantern
Picture 23 Caoimhe's Snowman Mask
Picture 24 Cormac's Snow Globe
Picture 25 Anna's Snow Globe
Picture 26 Aoife's Rocket
Picture 27 Catherine's Doll
Picture 28 Emma's Angel
Picture 29 James' Rocket