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Show & Tell: My Summer Holiday

Picture 1 Conor with photos from Sligo
Picture 2 Sophie with a hat from a camp in France
Picture 3 Sarah with a photo from her caravan site
Picture 4 James with a toy from Germany
Picture 5 Rosa with a laser Mallorca
Picture 6 Eddie with a tshirt from Mallorca
Picture 7 Emma with objects from Donegal
Picture 1 Zoe with her Trunkie
Picture 2 Charlie with his Germany jersey
Picture 3 Zoe’s photograph of petting dolphins in Spain
Picture 4 Madeleine with a box of trinkets from her holidays
Picture 5 Maeve with a plate for her picnics
Picture 6 Jane with a fan for the summer breezes
Picture 7 Ava with flip flops purchased in Spain
Picture 8 Fionn with a dinosaur from Portugal
Picture 1 Patrick named his dog after a dog he met in Italy
Picture 1 Rose with jewellery from Portugal, Spain & Donegal
Picture 2 Lisa with photos and a fish from Thailand
Picture 3 Sam with a folder full of memories from London
Picture 4 Erin with summer clothes from Spain
Picture 5 Clara with a fan and photos from Portugal
Picture 6 Katie with a toy from Marbella
Picture 1 Odhran with a torch and photo from camping
Picture 2 Clare had souvenirs from Kilarney
Picture 3 Niamh with a teddy from Disneyworld
Picture 4 Caiti with her holiday swimming suit
Picture 5 Natasha got this polar bear in Malahide
Picture 6 Odhran with Mickey Mouse from Disneyland