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Polar Lands Show and Tell

Have a look at our fabulous projects on Polar Animals. We are all so confident at teaching our friends new facts and answering lots of questions.
Picture 1 A super project on saving the polar bears
Picture 2 We learned lots of new facts about a walrus.
Picture 3 We learned about Inuit people and where they live
Picture 4 We learned so much about Antarctic animals
Picture 5 Fantastic writing and drawings of the Arctic
Picture 6 What a wonderful South Pole craft!
Picture 7 The girls worked together to create a collage
Picture 8 Great Polar animal facts and super writing
Picture 9 What a cuddly polar bear and reindeer
Picture 1 We learned ots more about polar bears and huskies
Picture 2 A super project on emperor penguins
Picture 3 Wonderful research about Polar bears
Picture 4 We learned which animals live at each of the poles
Picture 1 Look at the cuddly snow leopard!
Picture 2 A super Show and Tell about husky dogs
Picture 3 A fantastic fact filled book about polar animals
Picture 4 The polar bear is hunting under Northern Lights
Picture 5 We learned new facts about Narwhals and penguins
Picture 1 Interesting facts written in speech bubbles!
Picture 2 Three hand stuffed polar pals came to visit P2T
Picture 3 What an amazing penguin art project!
Picture 4 A polar bear expert!
Picture 5 We learned about Peter the polar bear
Picture 6 Wonderful facts about Snowy Owls
Picture 1 Stunning Northern lights Artwork
Picture 2 Beautiful artwork and great facts
Picture 3 A wonderful presentation with a microphone
Picture 4 Such great fingerprint art and facts
Picture 5 We learned so many new facts about penguins
Picture 6 A super presentation on Orcas