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Our Wonderful Me boxes!

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Picture 1 The big 'S' tells us this box is Sarina's!
Picture 2 Michael told us all about his favourite things.
Picture 3 Kaiden had some super photos to show us.
Picture 4 There were lots of interesting items in Emily's.
Picture 5 Daniel told us about his dog!
Picture 6 Rose told us all about her photographs.
Picture 7 Amaya told us all about Mexico!
Picture 8 This is a picture of baby Molly!
Picture 9 Ellen had lots of interesting things to share.
Picture 10 Mia told us how much she likes ballet.
Picture 11 Awww! Luke's box had a cute teddy inside!
Picture 12 Zach had lots of interesting things.
Picture 13 We loved hearing Milo explain the things he had.
Picture 14 Jamie loves dinosaurs!
Picture 15 Oliver told us lots of things about his box.
Picture 16 Jenny showed us some lovely photos too!
Picture 17 Caitlin likes to play the recorder!
Picture 18 Sophie loves to do drama.
Picture 19 Henry loves rugby and had lots of things to share.
Picture 1 Alia showed us her baby clothes!
Picture 2 Finn had many things and a super autograph book!
Picture 3 Owen loved talking about his favourite boxer!
Picture 4 Hugh had lots of nice photos to show us.
Picture 5 Conor showed us a photo of him as a baby!
Picture 6 Morgan told us all about Kilcoo.
Picture 7 Cara's box had a fantastic family tree inside!
Picture 8 Oliver had lots of fun things to show us.