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Numeracy Hour

P2D love exploring subtraction through lots of different fun games. We can help each other and become teachers for the morning. Numicon helps us to see what, for example, 10-8 actually looks like and we can give each other problems to solve which involve subtraction.

Some of the resources we use are:
  • dominoes
  • 100 squares
  • number lines
  • snakes and ladders games
  • floor number line
Picture 1 We used numicon to explore subtraction
Picture 2 We used number lines to explore more / less than
Picture 3 We changed the rules of snakes and ladders
Picture 4 Solving the problem together
Picture 5 We used our class number line as we played this
Picture 6 We subtracted the numbers on the dominoes
Picture 7 Learning made easy!!!
Picture 8 IWB for subtraction problems- much more fun!!!
Picture 9 Let's help each other do subtracting
Picture 10 They worked out 2, 3 etc. less than a number
Picture 11 Fun with the number line
Picture 12 What a fun game!!!