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Imaginative Play Outdoors

P2D spent their outdoor play hour having fun in the new facilities :


  • Our Play House
  • The sand-pit
  • The planting and digging area
  • On the bicycles and rickshaw


We had such fun!!!!!
Picture 1 Time for a girly chat!!
Picture 2 Let's get working.
Picture 3 Time to dig
Picture 4 Fun as we play football.
Picture 5 Time to do some exploring!!!!
Picture 6 Look at us!!!!
Picture 7 Someone does all the work!!!
Picture 8 The race is on!!!
Picture 9 We mean business.
Picture 10 Time to plant and dig.
Picture 11 Let's brush up the mess.
Picture 12 Fun in the sandpit.
Picture 13 Let's explore!!
Picture 14 Cooking dinner!!!
Picture 15 See you soon everyone!!!!!!