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Halloween play activities

Picture 1 Spooky playdough creations
Picture 2 Peg board fireworks
Picture 3 Exploding fireworks
Picture 4 Look at all those spiders!!!
Picture 5 A green playdough cauldron with a magic potion
Picture 6 A spider nest!
Picture 7 Busy being creative with the playdough
Picture 8 The rat graveyard
Picture 9 Making Halloween playdough creations
Picture 10 Bust creating a dark dark street for the skeletons
Picture 11 Story time in the spooky witch house
Picture 12 Enter the witches House if you dare!!
Picture 13
Picture 14 Our water tray turned blood red
Picture 15 We discovered skeleton bones in the sand tray
Picture 16 Great team work to build the funny bones town
Picture 17 Busy creating colourful autumn trees
Picture 18 Proud of our autumn playdough leaves