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Feeding time

Picture 1 Don’t forget me!
Picture 2 Getting ready
Picture 3 Listening to Laura
Picture 4 The sun is out
Picture 5 The Mallard drakes and two Marbled ducks.
Picture 6 Hands ready.
Picture 7 Cupped together.
Picture 8 A Mallard drake feeding from Faye’s hands.
Picture 9 Breakfast is here.
Picture 10 That’s a Brent Goose Aoife!
Picture 11 Mollie and Niamh feeding the Red-Breasted goose.
Picture 12 I’ve had enough
Picture 13 Come for some grain.
Picture 14 Faye giving out breakfast.
Picture 15 Come here ducks.
Picture 16 Did everyone get fed?
Picture 17 Waiting patiently.