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Fairy Tale Day

On Friday 11th Feb we came into school dressed as a character from our favourite fairy-tale.
We had a great day, totally devoted to fairy-tales.
We brought in the book that our character was featured in and shared it with our friends.
Each character had to sit on the "Hot Seat" and was asked questions about their character.
We described our characters using adjectives!
Sarah (who was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood) made chocolate brownies with her mum the night before and brought them into school in her basket to share with the class...just like the real Little Red!
Conor brought in a bag of jelly beans to share. I think they really were magic!
At the end of the day, as a special treat, we watched a fairy-tale DVD on our Interactive Whiteboard!
Great fun was had by all and most importantly we all learned a lot!