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Cahoots NI Math O Magic Show

What a wonderful show we had today.... undoubtedly the best show we have had in St. Bernard's for many years.
Everyone was left spellbound! We had a watch disappear from Sean's hand as he held it tightly and turn up inside a cardboard tube/ wand ithat was held by a member of the audience.
We had colour predictions, number predictions and Mrs Raffan choosing a £24.99 dictionary- all predicted by Caolan and Devito.
Laura chose the number 81 as her magic number from 1- 100,
the blackboard had multiple possible combinations that equalled her chosen number.
All the chosen numbers were found in a sealed capsule hung up high and undisturbed in a wooden box. When opened, the sheet contained the whole script from today's show- all numbers chosen at random by our children and staff.