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Ardnabannon Photos 2011 P6S

The boys and girls from primary 6 had a fantastic time in Ardnabannon in January 2011. The weather was fantastic and thankfully very dry, mind you many of the activities were not!
Ready steady orienteering!
That's some ice cube!
Three Billy Goats!
Misty mighty Mourne mountains
We could do with a sat nav right now!
Right no left no right no left no right!
Seriously the sat nav now!!!
We really miss the staffroom!
Sixty five hot chocolates please!
Strike a pose!
The boys are back in Ardnabannon!
Gossip gossip gossip!
Ready to row!
In the muck!
Wet and cold!
A helping hand from Mrs Mc Gonigle!
Cheers big ears!
Cheers small ears!
Hot cordial who'd have thought it would be good!
Who is Mr Moyna Standing on?????
30 very cold children!
So many cameras to pose for!
Are you safe enough?
Behind you!
Ready for action!
Ice statues!
Really? All the way across this river?
Onwards and upwards!
Really cold!
Still smiling!
Still having fun!
Out of the cold depths of the Mournes!
Camera shy?
Ready for the zip line!
Don't leave us on the island!!
We are quite happy to stay!
What a happy camper!
We need our shades!
One small step..........
Getting ready!
I'm stuck!
And away!
Sooo happy to be here!
One small man one big wall!
I can do this!
Remember when we were dry!
Under and out!
Mucky muppets!
The Famous Five!
Freefall claims another victim!
Cold, crisp, chilly canoeing!
The wall of Dooooom!
Rescue mission!!
To climb or not to climb?
Cool hat Mr Moyna!
Yum Yum Yum
Roasty toasty!
Reach for the sky!
Little Miss Sunshine!