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WhatsApp Groups

In addition to the individual Class WhatApp groups (which aren’t managed by the PTA) where the Class Reps are asked to share information, the PTA have the following WhatsApp groups.

  • St Bernard’s Class Reps Representatives from each class are part of a central group and then share the messages with parents. You can ask your Class Rep to contact the Committee or share information for you.
    This a very easy way to become involved and a great first step to becoming an active PTA member.

  • St Bernard’s PTA’s ‘Innocent Bystanders’ is a group of people who would like to be active in the PTA but don’t want to sign up for a role.  This is often the first place the Committee use to get volunteers for events. https://chat.whatsapp.com/9Ma2f74o0xe5ZR06vZw5EF *
    Many people start in this group before deciding to become more hands on and joining the Core.

  • The PTA Core Group is for those who want to join the extended committee.  You will be part of discussions on events being organised, hear the details of meetings and generally get to know the workings of the PTA.
  • New this term is the Fantasy Footy Banter group, a great one for even those that haven’t signed up to the PTA League.  This is just for fun and not part of PTA planning. https://chat.whatsapp.com/IXTt7ELCXEuBtqSwTvlTKk *

* On a mobile phone this link will add you directly to the group, on other devices it will take you to WhatsApp web version.  If signed in to WhatsApp Web you will automatically join the group.