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The Board of Governors 2010-2011

                                                                        Nominated by:

Mr. P.H McCann              Chairperson             Trustee
Dr.B.Stuart                    Vice-Chairperson       SEELB
Mrs.M.Marken                                               SEELB
Dr.S.O'Hare                                                   D.E.N.I
Rev.P.Armstrong                                            Trustee
Mrs. M.Macklin                                               Trustee
Mrs. C.Foster                                                 Trustee
Mr.J.Conaghan                                               Elected Parent
Mrs.F.Selles                                                   Elected  Teacher
Mr.K.McTaggart                Principal                 Secretary

There are a number of sub committees to facilitate the work of the Board of Governors including: Finance, Child Protection, Appointments, Discipline,Grievance, Health & Safety and Appeals.