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Scotland 2013 Day Three

Time is just racing by as day three comes to a sleepy close! The day began with a hearty breakfast followed by a short coach trip to Edinburgh's Dynamic Earth Project. Here the children were able to enter a space capsule and travel back in time to the very beginning of the planet earth's formation and then follow the changes to the planet through film, shows and interactive activities. 
The butterfly house proved to be very interesting with many different species of butterfly fluttering around in a humid, tropical greenhouse containing strange and varied plants! The children were able to hold and lift giant millipedes, snakes and trantulas in the reptile house, observe other reptiles and watch the maze of tiny ants navigate through the houses on a series of interlinking ropes. 
The day concluded with a trip to the cinema to watch Iron Man 3....Excellent.


Enjoy the pictures.... More to follow