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Measuring length

We have been learning to measure length and height using non-standard measures. We used cubes, paper clips, hands, feet, blocks and metre sticks!
Picture 1 We traced around our shoe and measured the length
Picture 2 My foot is 13 cubes long!
Picture 3 Monster measuring
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6 How many paper clips wide is the puffer fish?
Picture 7 Tracing around our bodies to measure Length
Picture 8 Off to work we go with our metre sticks
Picture 9 Wooden blocks are great for measuring
Picture 10 How many cubes long is the football net?
Picture 11 The steps are 10 footprints long
Picture 12 How many giant blocks long is the fence?
Picture 13
Picture 14 How tall is the tree trunk?
Picture 15 I am 5 blocks tall
Picture 16 Look how tall I am!
Picture 17 How many hands long are you?
Picture 18 Measuring how many tall we are
Picture 19