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Children's Music Academy

Children’s Music Academy P2 and P3 2pm to 3pm

Wednesdays £6.50 per session


Children’s music Academy is Northern Irelands only after school club to introduce children to brass, woodwind, strings and percussion.

Children learn the basics of music theory, find out about the orchestra and famous composers and make their own music compositions.

Singing and games are part of every class. Parents will receive the children’s workbook along with a report on their child’s progress at the end of each term.

Each term is new, with different topics covered and children are welcome to join at any point in the year.



Children’s Music Academy ABRSM P4 – P7 3pm to 4pm

Wednesdays £5 per session


Children will prepare for grades 1 to 5 ABRSM Music Theory (depending on their level). Children prepare over 3, 12 week terms and children who are ready will be entered into the exam in June.

Children who are studying an instrument cannot progress past grade 5 without the equivalent grade in music theory. Children’s Music Academy hope to make it easier for children to proceed all the way to grade 8. Classes include theory, aural practice for practical exams, ensemble playing and composition all taught in a fun and dynamic way.