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Year P6T

School Day
9.00am School Starts
10.35am Break
12.25pm Lunch
3.00pm Home time

Monday- ICT, Tin Whistle
Tuesday - Choir
Wednesday- Swimming (Term One), ICT
Thursday- Library, Activity Time, Netball & Football
Friday- Orchestra, P.E.

After School Clubs:
Monday- Gymnastics (3-4pm)
Tuesday- Dance (3-4pm)
Wednesday - Gaelic Football (3-4pm) P4 & P5 (1st term) P6 & P7 (2nd Term)
Thursday - Netball & Soccer, Judo (3-4pm)


In Primary 6 we have homework every night (Monday to Thursday)
  • Literacy- Grammar, Spelling and Comprehension activities & Writing
  • Numeracy- Number Work, Problem Solving based on topic
  • Spellings - Searchlights/Linguistic
  • Tables
  • Mental Maths
  • Reading (every night)

Our Curriculum

In Primary 6 we work very hard but during this year, we will be learning about enjoyable and interesting things across all areas of the curriculum.

Reading: Guided, Shared, Individual
Writing: Recount, Procedural, Narrative, Report, Persuasive
Talking & Listening: Across the Curriculum

In Primary 6 we learn lots about Processes in Maths, Number, Data Handling, Measures and Shape and Space. Mental Maths plays a large role. We learn about Rounding & Adjusting, Partitioning, Counting Backwards & Forwards, Re-ordering, Using Equivalence, Inverse Operations and Using Factors.
Quick recall of Tables are vitally important.
Problem Solving is also a large area.

In Primary 6 we learn about the importance of our Parish, Diocese and the role the Church plays in our community. We also learn lots of stories about Jesus and try to follow the example Jesus taught us.

World Around Us:
This year we will be studying;
  • Living Things
  • Polar Regions, Deserts and Rainforests
  • Recycling
  • Healthy Living
  • Vikings and many more...
These topics will enable us to learn and share new experiences and develop our skills and knowledge in all cross curricular areas.

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding:

PDMU is an opportunity to express our feelings and emotions and be aware of the importance of keeping safe and living healthy. It also allows us to develop relationships in school and in our community.

Primary 6 have P.E. every Friday but in the first term, swimmimg will account for our PE. If we have time, we will squeeze in an extra PE Lesson on a Friday. Please wear the appropriate P.E. kit on these days.
  • Children in Primary 6 are very lucky to be getting expert Soccer & Netball Coaching.

The Arts:
All of the Arts will be delivered through our World Around Us topics. Children have the opportunity to express themselves through Art, Drama and Music based activities and express their talents and skills.
  • This year we will receive Tin Whistle Lessons.


All our knowledge, skills, talents and achievements is expressed through display work, creating a beautiful and stimulating learning environment!

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